Lecturing on drawing, AIA Center for Architecture, New York City

Lecturing on drawing, AIA Center for Architecture, New York City

Drawing for me has always been a way of expressing myself when talking or writing isn't enough.

I think it's about trying to get an idea from somewhere in the back of your mind in to reality. It's really not a pretentious or complicated thing, it's quite simple really. I think drawing is a fantastic way of being able to fully explain something in your mind, through your hands.

I trained as an architect, studying the Diploma of Architecture at the Mackintosh School of Architecture, Glasgow School of Art. Here I worked through several architectural projects, applying my love for drawing to architecture, and I've been doing it ever since.

After graduating in 2014, I was lucky to be shortlisted for a couple of awards, lecturing in the AIA New York City on my drawings. I went on to work as a lead illustrator for Scotland's entry to the Venice Biennale, curated by Rem Koolhaas.

I work as an architectural illustrator in my free time, and work through my own and collaborative projects. I'm currently working through a series titled 'Rooves' that examines the urban grain of cities I've visited, through detailed illustrations of the rooftops and streets of the city.

Prints and originals of my work is available for purchase, and I really like the idea that my drawings have become part of people's homes and their daily routines. 

I've been really lucky to work with some really talented designers, currently with London based Jamie Fobert Architects.